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Things You Should Know for this Yatra

KAILASH MANSAROVAR is one of the tough yatra. We have been organizing this yatra since 1995 and have ourselves learnt a lot. We today see many travel agents selling it without knowing the yatra and land yatris in trouble,

We thought let us tell the truth and give correct information to the people who wish to take this yatra. There are two routes to this yatra one is from India to Tibet and other is via Nepal. Indian government performs lucky draw every year and select about 900 pilgrims for Kailash Mansarovar tour, this tour is of 28 days and of which 14 days is trekking.

The other route is via Nepal where most of the pilgrims under take yatra. This route is chosen by most people as there is no trekking involved except for the Kailash Parikrama. This yatra is also known as Jeep safari to Kailash Yatra. This yatra is organized by Understanding between China Govt. and Nepal Government for the upliftment of their people and employment & business. In this yatra one has to book your tour thru Nepal agent. This Nepal agent in turn has Tibet counter part who handles Tibet operations. Nepal agent responsibility is to get visa, arrange stay at Kathmandu, Sight seeing at Kathmandu, arrange sherpas and local transport till Kodari border. He also has to arrange food for the complete tour i.e. Kitchen and cook. Once we enter Tibet the Tibet counterpart arranges for vehicle Toyota Land Crusier 4500 and English speaking guide who will help in getting Guest Houses at overnight stop overs. Of 5 overnight destinations Tibet agent is resposible for stay at 2 places i.e Nylam and Mansarovar.

One does not have any choice for stay. We have ensured to give the best guest house available in Tibet region . Accommodation in Tibet is ages old and has just basic facilities, There are about 4 -5 beds in one room and it is shared. Very basis or no facility for toilets, generally tour operator makes a toilet tent outside the Guest houses. Food is pure vegetarian and has Indian taste in it. Please be aware of travel agents who promise you good hotels in Tibet there are no hotels in Tibet except for Saga, Lhasa, Lihatse. Mostly Nepal agents coming and selling directly here in India mislead and collect money making false promises. Some indian agents who are just booking agents of Nepal travel agency are also not aware of conditions in Tibet.

If you are thinking of going to Kailash Mansarovar you be prepared to adjust for poor standard of rooms. When you are around Mansarovar and Kailash most of the operators will keep you in tents as there is no advance booking system for rooms. If rooms are empty and you wish to stay in Guest house you need to pay 30 – 50 yuan per head per night. You may not get to take bath every day but one can pay for hot water shower for about 25 – 30 yuan at Nylam, Saga, Paryang and Darchen.

Some times due to long drive and on going road construction work one gets delay in reaching the destination please bear with delay in dinner time.
At times while traveling in Tibet we reach late and then sherpa has to handle your luggage as well as our kitchen also. Please bear with the sherpa team as it may some time take 2 hrs to serve you food. In lunch we always serve packed lunch which is made in morning as we would waste lots of time in preparing fresh food for lunch. Expect basis food and eat less but adequate never over eat at this altitude as it will immediately lead to constipation and stomach disorder. Sherpas prepare food and due to water and altitude the taste is also not what you expect.

In short one should be mentally ready for all this. Operator do their best to give you the best. But certain things are non existent . More over one may feel bit sick due to altitude. drink about 4 liters of water every day and you will be alright. Take one diamox everyday from Nylam onwards this will keep you body fluids up float.

Generally preparation for this yatra should be prepared before 4 -5 months of this yatra. One should walk 5-6 km every day. Start drinking at least 3 liter of water every day. Even Ayurveda suggests to drink more water to keep your body fit.

We have mentioned above details which will normally not be mentioned by any travel agent as they themselves would never have traveled to kailash. Call us for more details and we would suggest to travel with us to travel safe and religiously. We will deliver what is promised and you may verify it by calling our clients mentioned in our Testimonial section.

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