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Kailash Mansarovar yatra needs no introduction be it Hindu, Buddhist or Jain, they all consider it as the most sacred place on earth. Located in Tibet which is under China at present needs entry permit to visit and visa. Mansarovar just 2 hrs away is another place which has enormous religious importance. It is said that one bath in this sacred lake will wash away your life time sins.
We have been organizing Kailash Mansarovar yatra since 1995 and since then we have come long way and learnt what is to be committed to yatris and how people get cheated on the way. When we started in 1995 the itinerary was about 18 – 19 days long and there was no guarantee of coming back in stipulated period. Over the period of time and Chinese govt. has taken initiative to improve the services offered. Still the service one should expect are basic only, but much safer and better than old days.

For Indian pilgrims one can go thru tour organized by Indian Government and other route is thru Nepal. Most of the people opt for tour thru Nepal as it is short and does not need stringent medical tests. We organize tours thru Nepal by Bus  or by helicopter route. Over land tour takes about 14 days starting from Kathmandu. Helicopter route takes about 11 days. People who have already been to kailash once can also opt for our Kailash Inner Parikrama. There are very few operators who would actually take you to inner parikrama. We also provide opportunity to do Charan Sparsh in our all tours.

We are taking care of Kailash pilgrims since 1995 and are one of the pioneers in this yatra. There are several agencies today who promise high and land yatris in trouble. Do not listen to the promises made you the tout travel agents. As we have said earlier the amenities available in Tibet are of basic nature and one should be ready for hardship that come thru climate, quality of stay offered and attitude of local people. Do not under take this yatra for pleasure and leisure. One should be ready of hardship that may arise due to undue circumstances.

You can see our 11 days Kailash Mansarovar route helicopter yatra itinerary and 14 days Kailash yatra by Bus.

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