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General Faqs

Health Requirements

Do we need to undergo medical tests? Why is it necessary?
Yes. Details are available in the medical form. You are required to trek through high altitude region. In such places, the atmospheric air is under low pressure and people may suffer from Hypoxia (less oxygen). In the rarefied atmospheric conditions, a participant may develop ailments like pulmonary oedema/cerebral oedema and acute mountain sickness, etc. Participants hence need to be screened thoroughly before they are induced into high altitudes. People with Diebetes and High blood pressure must be cautious and travel under Personal Doctors advice only.

I have been to high altitude last year and my stay was uneventful. Do I need a medical exam?
Yes, it is necessary to undergo medical examination every time before going to a high altitude region.

How can I qualify medically?
By undergoing all the medical tests mentioned in the medical form and consulting your physician about your fitness to travel to a high altitude of 19000 feet and above.

Do I need to carry the medicines which I have been taking and prescribed by my doctor?
Yes, you are advised to take sufficient stock of medicines to last the entire duration of the trip. The suggested list is available with us.

Food / Water

What type of Food and drink will be provided there at Tibet?
For breakfast one gets high energy and nutritious beverages like Bournvita, Horlicks along with Tea / Coffee. There is Porridge / Cornflakes and the Menu alternates Poha, Pancakes, Upma, Pakoras etc., and Bread with Butter/ Jams etc. are there. Lunch is Generally Packed and Served at a Scenic Spot near Some Water Pool. It Consists of a Tetra Pack ( Frooti etc. ) or Lime Water with Glucose, Puri / Chapatti & Vegetables, Tinned Fruits / Sweets, Pickle. Dinner is at the Guest House and the menu is very varied with soup, Indian, Chinese and European cuisine and a desert. We serve bottle mineral water though out the journey. You can watch our testimonials where our past yatris have told for our food and other services.

Age Limit

Is there any Age Limit to Join Kailash yatra?
There is age limit of 70 yrs to join Kailash yatra, we are organizing these yatra since past 23 years and there is not a single casualty or death in our tour. We manage to get visa for all age group. Due to the nature and climate we advice that child below 7-8 years should not be accompanied in the tour.

Currency / Telephone

What are the Arrangements for Communication en-route, like Cell Phone or Satellite Phones?
Airtel / Vodafone / Idea Roaming works fairly well till Lake Mansarovar and even during kailash parikrama.

In Nepal you can use Indian sim for communication but it is costly.

In Nepal one can carry higher denomination Indian currency upto Rs 25000 per person. In Tibet Chinese currency Yuan is used and conversion is about 1 Yuan = 10/11 Rupees. You need to convert Indian currency before you leave for Nepal you must carry around 4000 yuan if you are going for Kailash Parikrama by horse other wise around 1500 yuan is sufficient.


From where can I buy travel Insurance?
We can assist you for your travel Insurance on request. It is importance you take travel insurance as this is tough yatra to be on safer side, cost of insurance is about Rs 1000 – Rs 1600 only. for about US 50,000 —- 1,00,000 insurance.
The emergency evacuation cost is very high if helicopter is to be used.


1. Cash: At our office,or can deposit cash in our bank account.
2. Bank Transfer: You can transfer to our bank account below.
Account Name: TRAVELDOST
Account No.: 13372560000499
IFSC / NEFT: HDFC0001337

Branch: Ghatlodia, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.

We encourage to make payment by cheques . We do not accept angadia or cash money for this tour.  5% GST is applicable on payment made to us.

Terms & Conditions

Booking & Advance Deposit

To reserve your place for the trips, please complete the Booking Form and send it with the advance deposit of INR 25,000 per person for Indian nationality or USD 400 per person for other than Indian nationality to our bank account. Note: In case of cancellation, deposit is refundable during the first 30 days of booking. However, service charge, bank transfer fee, and other charges may apply. If cancellation occurs after 30 days of booking, the advance deposit is NOT refundable under any circumstances.


– Please carry bio degradable packing. Like jute bags and cotton bags.
– Always smile and speak politely with locals, Guide and sherpas.
– Throw your waste bags and food waste at proper disposable points only.
– Click photographs only after taking permissions from locals.
– Give back your plastic bottles to your tour operator only.
– Buy souvenir from local shops for memory.

Parikrama Facts

How much do I have to walk during Parikrama?
Kailash parikrama is of 42 kms. If you cannot do  Kailash Parikrama by foot then you can hire a horse and horse man for 3 days by paying extra (around INR 30000 per person). This rate is may vary during travel time, hence not a fixed rate.
Even if you do hire a horse, you have to walk at least 4-5 kms on second day of parikrama.
You can choose not to go for Parikrama at all. Our staff will be there preparing accommodation and meals.

What if I don’t want to do Parikrama?
IF you don’t want to do Parikrama we would provide you accommodation and food Darchen base camp at Himalaya Hotel and you would have to wait until others return from Parikrama.

If I want to do Parikrama riding on horse (pony) how much does it cost?
The cost is around Rs. 30000 INR which you have to pay yourself directly to the horse owner or the porter you are going to hire or Chinese Guide. The package doesn’t include the price of horse (pony) ride.

What If We Come Back Due To Any Reason Early From Parikrama?
Once you have booked and paid for horse money is non refundable. If you stay one night at Dirapuk and then deside to come back accomodation at Darchen will be available but at extra cost about 70 – 100 yuan.

Is It Possible To Return Without Parikrama And Without Waiting For Other Group?
It is possible but you have to have your own group more than 25 persons to change the itinerary according to your desire. If the group is below that the cost may increase. One has to bear cost of 160 yuan per person for visa break charges to China. and other transportation charges.

What Is Difference Between Inner Parikrama & Outer Parikrama?
Inner Parikrama means parikrama of Nandi Parvat and route is separate on 2nd day of parikrama. The outer parikrama means parikrama of Kailash Parvat via Gauri kund. The regular Overland and Helicopter is actually only outer Parikrama which is easy to complete. However, for Inner Parikrama, it takes longer and it is quite challenging. Please make sure you are healthy enough to do the Inner Parikrama. We organize inner parikrama every year in August.

Permit / Visa

Is passport must?
Yes, it is must for Kailash Mansarovar yatra travel.

The Chinese visa is a group Visa paper based.

First of all we need your passport copies by email to apply for Tibet Travel Permit (required by Chinese government).

We will get Tibet permit before 1 month of departure date. After that we need your original passport for Group Visa processing:

Indian Nationality: You have to send your original passport to us for Visa processing.

NRI or Foreign Nationals: You have to send your COLOR copies of passport by e-mail for Visa processing. You will get group paper visa. You will have to come to Kathmandu 2-3 days earlier than the schedule arrival of the group as it is necessary for visa which is taken from Chinese embassy at Kathmandu.  You also need to carry four color passport size photographs when you travel to Nepal. This is required for Nepal and China visa. Note Chinese visa and Tibet permits are 2 different things you need to apply for China visa separately for Kailash Mansarovar yatra.

After you get group Chinese Visa, we will send your passport back to you.

Therefore, since it takes time, we suggest our Yatris to book as early as possible, so that your yatra can be begin in your desired departure date.

Indian yatris are advised to keep their Voter ID handy when they travel to Nepal.

Group Size

We generally take about 40 – 50 pax per yatra some times in peak season it may increase to 80 also. Our experienced tour leader is always with you.

Ideal Time To Go

While tours operate from May to September in that Region, Please Check the Fixed Day Tours, and Itinerary for Details on Dates. The Tibet Plateau is a Dry Region and Rain / Precipitation is Very Little so any Month between May-September is Good. Weather wise although May and September will be Colder. However, June-Sep, is the Rainy Season in Nepal and on the Road to the Border, Landslides do take Place and might require a 1-2 km Walk on Extreme Cases. Weather in Tibet is very Uncertain.

You may ask us for Best Season as wheather keep Changing Every Year.


What sort of clothing and accessories is suggested for the Trip?
As the Kailash Mansarovar is at high altitude the climate is cold so it is recommended that you have warm clothes with you, thermo coat, monkey cap, comfort shoes, masks, walking sticks, sunscreen lotions, sun glasses are also recommended accessories for the trip. for more info please visit our Things to carry page.

We provide down jacket free of cost to all yatris so you need not carry of your own.

China and CIPSC

We are an authorized agent of China India Pilgrimage Service Center (CIPSC)

CIPSC (China Indian Pilgrims’ Service Center) has a monopoly over the rights to handle travel arrangements & fix rates for the Indian pilgrims in Tibet side.

We make direct payment to CIPSC in US dollars, so price may get affected due to change in US dollar rates.

All arrangements within Tibet are solely at the discretion of the China Tibet Tourism Bureau (TTB) & for Indian nationals, China India Pilgrim Service Center (CIPSC), both are government organizations.

due to some unrest within Tibet or any other political reason China external affairs ministry may abruptly stop giving permit or visa with out assigning any reason. One must be ready of last minute changes.


In case of emergencies, what are the steps that will be taken by you?
A qualified and well-equipped doctor especially trained to handle high-altitude sickness and other conditions that may arise, are available at selected places in Tibet and their advice can be taken at your cost. Generally this has rarely happend with us in these 18 yrs as our scientific approch towards your food and well being such situations are avoided.

If I become sick and have to go back to Kathmandu can I go back early?
If Doctor advises you to go back then you should go back immediately. In such cases since our visa is group visa a visa break charges are taken at border by China Government approx 160 yuan per person. More over you will have to pay for your food and accommodation charges directly to our accompanying Sherpa or leader. In case of medical emergency if one has to take help of helicopter as transport to Kathmandu an additional Rs 8,00,000/- is payable directly to the helicopter operator.

Private Groups

Can we form our own private group?
Yes you can for your own private group, the group size should be atleast 26 – 35 to get good bargain , if size is small the price will go up as logistics costs remains same.


How much luggage one should carry ?
Due to Airline restrictions one can carry 15 kgs in domestic flight and on International flight one can carry 15 kgs.
We give you
1 Duffel bag
1 back pack bag
absolutely free of cost. You need not carry your own luggage bags. We shall courier these bags at your door step 15 days before your departure date.

In Helicopter tour one is allowed to take only 10 kgs.


– Do not throw plastic in Mansarovar or during Kailash Parikrama.
– Do not offer pooja articles in Mansarovar.
– Do not use soap or detergents at Mansarovar.
– Do not click pictures of Army check points and base in Tibet.
– Do not shout or speak loudly on tour.
– Do not play music loud.
– Do not ill treat your porter or horse man/woman.


What kind of Transportation in Nepal & Tibet side?

Airport transfer and sight seeing in Nepal side is done by Bus Kathmandu to Keyrong border is done by non a/c bus.

Tibet Side: Only option is bus after 2012  by AC Coach

By Luxury AC Coach: Our preferred Selection since road conditions in Tibet side are excellent nowadays. AC Coach is very high standard providing comfort and moreover, you will be together with friends and can sing Bhajan and have fun. Our past clients feedback is they find it more comfortable.

Hotels / Accommodation

Could you give me details on the accommodation facilities provided?
The following is offered:

Five/Four /three(as per the plan you may choose) star hotel accommodation for three nights in Kathmandu on twin-sharing basis.

Best available hotel/guest houses accommodation in Tibet. Depending on the terms with Tibet Agency and Locals. Except for Kathmandu all places has 4-5 people sharing the room. Sharing will depend on the room size and beds put in a particular room.

Tent accommodation Only one night at Zuthulpuk during parikrama.

Facilities in Tibet are very limited and therefore the quality of accommodation will vary from one place to another. Rest assured, we will be providing the best of what the place has to offer.

If you do not go for parikrama then your accomodation is at Darchen at no extra cost.

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